Why searching for the ‘cheapest time to fly’ is a waste of time

Written by Mark Avery on Wednesday, 25 January 2012. Posted in News from 2012, Mark's blog

Why Flightmapping is your best port of call when looking for flights

Many travel related messageboards are chock full of people asking 'when is the cheapest time to fly to...'

You'll then see a myriad of answers all saying roughly the same thing – if you are flexible with your travel dates then do this, that and t'other.

There is one major problem though that is nearly always overlooked - most people are not able to pick and choose when to fly. Whether you are travelling on business or jetting off on holiday, the likelihood is that you have to fly within a very specific timeframe.

Bearing that in mind, surely it is better to simply find out whether it is actually possible to take flights to your chosen destination and then see if it matches your budget.

It doesn't help of course that internet search engines are crammed with price comparison sites and online travel agents that tend to complicate what should be a very simple process. There is far less competition out there for flights from the UK than people think, with most routes only being operated by one or two airlines.

Naturally this is where Flightmapping comes into the equation. We consciously keep it simple by just answering that most fundamental of questions – who flies where?

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Mark Avery

Mark Avery

Mark Avery wanted to be a Concorde pilot, but being colour blind put a halt to that particular career path. The demise of Concorde didn't help matters either! He took up journalism instead. Following a stint moaning about Coventry City's plight for a living, the dad of two girls is now is in charge of all things editorial at flightmapping.com.

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