Are admin fees the most annoying extra charge?

on Thursday, 19 January 2012. Posted in News from 2012, Mark's blog

All easyJet bookings are now subject to a £9 "admin fee" to cover the costs of processing card payments. They even have the gall to claim the extra charge has been introduced in the name of transparency.

Of all the fees added onto the ticket price by the airlines it is the admin charges that annoy me the most.

These fees should be covered as part of the advertised ticket price. End of.

If your local supermarket started charging an extra fee at the checkout you would no doubt shop elsewhere. It wouldn't even matter if the final bill was still cheaper than the opposition, the cheek of the charge would probably be enough to drive your custom elsewhere.

The airlines are canny though, they know that there is actually very little competition on most routes. Over 75 per cent of routes to and from the UK are only operated by one airline, so they are free to lure consumers in with low advertised fares and then chuck in whatever suits their fancy towards the end of the booking process. To compound your misery, this wretched con is not just confined to the no-frills airlines like easyJet and Ryanair, even the traditional carriers have got their snouts in the trough.

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